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Search Engine Optimisation

Our Wix SEO team is here to help you! Getting your Wix website to the first page on Google can be tough, but SEO is one of the best things you can do to improve the visibility of your business online. SEO for Wix websites should be seen as an ongoing process not a quick fix, and we can help your Wix website rank better on search engines through a combination of setting it up the right way and ongoing management to ensure your rankings are always moving in the right direction.

Our SEO Strategy is a process which includes:

 - An SEO Audit for your Wix website

 - Initial SEO set up

 - Keyword Research

 - Keyword Analysis

 - Ongoing SEO improvements

You can join us at any stage, whether you haven't had your site built yet, if you're in the process of building it, or if you already have a fully fledged Wix website. We work to your budget and our monthly SEO management starts from just £70/month.

Wix SEO is not a mystery, it's a process by which we can make your website more visible to potential clients and customers. 


Contact us today if you're ready to improve your Wix website SEO & ranking!

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