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How much does Wix website design cost?

If you'd like to know how much a Wix Website Design will cost if you hire a professional Wix website designer, you've come to the right place. With Divsign UK Wix website design usually costs between £300-£1000+, depending on your needs (number of pages, functionality, etc). Ecommerce websites built using Wix will cost a bit more, depending on the complexity of your requirements. Similarly, if you just need a simple one-page Wix website design, it may even cost less. If you're looking for website design for a Charity or charitable organisation (such as a CIC) then have a look at our sister site Websites for Charities.

Here's a few reasons why I love the Wix system:

  • The Wix Site Editor is the best in the business. Squarespace, Wordpress, Weebly and others don't yet compare in the ease-of-use and customisation abilities, and integrated functionality.

  • Wix is SEO friendly! It has all the SEO (search engine optimisation) features you could need to help get your business found online.

  • Wix is secure. Unlike open-source platforms like Wordpress, it is not easily hacked into and you don't have to worry about constantly upgrading software or installing security features.

  • Wix also has SSL included! Secure websites (with https) are starting to be required by Google, so it's great that is included in all Wix hosting plans, no extra cost or hassle!

  • Wix releases new features weekly, so you can keep up to date with all the new website tools that become available without having to upgrade or switch plans.

  • Wix makes it super easy, whether you want to add videos, image galleries or slideshows anywhere on your site.

  • Wix has phone tech support, you can schedule a call back from one of their friendly tech experts, and they can help answer questions and help you resolve issues if required.

  • Wix template ARE NOT set in stone. Everything on the page is easily customized, from the background colours/images/videos, to text boxes, to slideshows, to video, to buttons and menus.

  • Wix's customisable Mobile editor makes it really easy to create a mobile version of your website. One particular feature of this is that you can hide elements of your desktop site to simplify your pages for mobile viewers.

  • Wix is surprisingly affordable for website hosting, and when you sign up to a plan you get your domain free for the first year

  • Need a Wix Website Designer in the UK? Divsign can help you get your site designed, setup properly, optimised for SEO, and train you on how you can keep your website updated and add pages or blog posts over time.

I love working on Wix sites, and thought the platform isn't suitable for every business (especially those with more customized database needs or sophisticated ecommerce requirements) contact me and I will tell you honestly whether Wix is the best platform for your needs and budget.

Looking for a Wix Website Design Cost Estimate?

Let me know if you’d like to talk more about your specific website design needs and I can put together a free Wix Website Design Cost Estimate based on your wishlist.

Call 01884 260197 or fill in a Quote Request Form here.


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